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In Mining Setup and Operation, reliable and quality equipment is key to success. Customers appreciate the experience brought to any project, and Hydroflo Solutions has invested in their team to ensure the safety and experience standards required in the mining industry can be matched and exceeded.

Hydroflo Solutions has installed, maintains and services some of the largest pump sets in the Hunter Valley.

Clients benefit from our Cardiff based, fully equiped workshop as well as our field and service team and vehicles. Critical spare parts knowledge and availability are another reason why you might want to talk to us.

Our Service History Database allows us to support your own scheduled maintenance activities with a continuous record of each system we look after.

For Mining Hydroflo Solutions has specialised in:

  • Design of all pump systems
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • Consulting and System Audits for pumping equipment
  • Commissioning of Pump systems
  • Breakdown Maintenance of pumping systems and associated equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance of all mining equipment
  • Confined space construction site accredited personnel
  • Project Management
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Workshop and Site Service of all brands and equipment

Hydroflo Solutions Systems for Mining include but not limited to:

    •  Fire Pumping Systems
    • Waste Water Pumping Systems
    • Pontoon Systems (with or without walkways)
    • Flocculent Dosing Pump Systems
    • Oil Separation and Water Treatment Systems
    • Dewatering Pods
    • Borehole Pumping Systems 
    • Wash Down Booster Systems
    • Slurry Pumping Systems
    • QDS Mobile Pumping Systems
    • Grout Placer Units
    • Water Supply Systems
    • Water Treament Systems
    • Pressure Boosting Systems

Hydroflo Solutions Associated Equipment for Mining includes but not limited to:

  • Pump Drives - Electric, Diesel, Hydraulic, Pneumatic
  • Pump and Process Control Equipment
  • Pump Protection Equipment
  • Couplings, Gear Boxes, and Power Transmission
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installations
  • Flowmeters
  • Valves and Pipework
  • Oil Separators and Water Treatment Equipment
  • Filtration - Automatic Self-cleaning Filters - ISS Polution Control Systems

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