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Long life and reliability are of vital importance to plant operators, while pumps generally are of a known simple mechanical construction, their application and operation for specific circumstances require a great deal of attention.

For 20 years Hydroflo Solutions has specialized in engineered solutions to meet specific customer needs. When designing systems, innovation, efficiency and reliability are the key areas of our focus. The attention to your needs will ensure value for money in both capital cost and operation cost for equipment owners and system operators.

Our capabilities for all fluid handling infrastructures include:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Removal, Refurbishment of pumping and associated equipment
  • Project Management
  • Service Management

On and Off Site Servicing

We provide responsive on and off site maintenance for all types of pumping equipment. We are committed to quality support and will give you a 24-hour contact number in the case of a pump breakdown.

To ensure that Hydroflo Solutions are able to provide you with quality repair and meet our responsibilities to our employees and the environment our workshop is equipped with a wide range of specialised equipment that includes:

  • Trained Staff
  • 5 tonne travelling overhead crane
  • Pump test bay
  • Machine Shop
  • Specialised Tools
  • Wash area with oil separator system
  • Spray booth
Hydroflo Solutions Field Service
As with our workshop we are determined to provide you with efficient and cost effective field service. As part of this commitment we have provide:

  • Our principle field service unit is fitted with 3 tonne lifting capacity, its own power supply and compressor along with other specialised equipment.
  • Light service vehicle in 4wd also fitted with lifting equipment.
  • Confined space equipment and trained personnel.
  • Industry inducted personnel

Scheduled Maintenance

After Hydroflo Solutions works with you to ascertain why and how your pumping and associated equipment has been failing or performing poorly, Hydroflo Solutions can select the right mix of  maintenance strategies to extend and maximize your vital equipments service and performance on an ongoing basis, designed to achieve maximum service for you at the least cost.

Scheduled Maintenance tailored to your needs would be based on several strategies ranging from pre-emptive methods that reduce the need for failure maintenance to those that cover failure analysis methods.

Other Associated Services

  • Consulting and System Audits
  • Installation
  • Fault Finding and Diagnosis
  • Ultrasonic Flow and Velocity Testing on Site
  • System Design
  • Power Maximisation
  • Underground Dewatering Systems - Design
  • Dewatering POD Systems - Design, Manufacture, Refurbish
  • Grout Placer Units - Design, Manufacture, and Refurbish
  • Fire Sets - Design, Manufacture, Refurbish
  • Pontoon Pumping systems complete with walkways
  • Cad Drawings

Service History 

Electronic Service History

At Hydroflo Solutions we maintain a detailed database system for every pump, those that are new, those that are at our site for repair as well as pumps scheduled for maintenance and repairs. This servicing database ensures accurate and consistent records for all pumps and associated equipment so you can have confidence that your pump will be repaired correctly first time, every time.

At Hydroflo Solutions we can track both repaired and new equipment by the use of a unique serial numbering system through our database. At any time Hydroflo Solutions will be able to advise you of your service history, parts required to repair and or replacement existing equipment simply by advising the “BCIP Serial Number” located on the name plate of your equipment. Should you be unable to locate these details simply advise a model number if known and or brand.

From this system Hydroflo Solutions can also provide you:

  • Detailed Technical Reports
  • Service History Reports
  • Bill of Materials for your equipment for spares you may require to stock
  • Bill of Materials allowing parts required to be ordered in advance to ensure quick turnaround of critical equipment repairs

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