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Our experienced team is able to construct customised solutions for a variety of industries:

Case Study 1:

Design & Manufacture Constant Pressure Boosting System:

Operating Parameters

  • To provide flows between 0 – 16 L/sec @ 1600 Kpa constant pressure
  • Unit to be transportable by mine QDS System and capable of withstanding difficult underground handling situations.

Case Study No 2:

Design and Manufacture Dewatering Transportable Pump System:

Operating Parameters

  • To provide a flow of 80 L/sec to a total head of 93 meters allowing priming through 300mm of suction line with a static lift of 2 meters
  • Unit to be robustly constructed to withstand skid transport to difficult location. Instrumentation to provide protection for very isolated and unattended operational conditions. System power 132 kw, 1000 volt flameproof to mining specification.

Case Study No: 3

Design, Manufacture and Commission a Mine Dewatering System complete with storage system and electrical controls. In addition to the equipment displayed the project included the manufacture 1640 meters of flanged 316 stainless piping:

Operating Parameters

  • To provide flows between 14 – 35 L/sec @ 3800 Kpa discharge pressure. Pump starts not to exceed 9 starts per day.
  • Unit to be operated safely from a remote location at the surface controlling all possible functions by automation and to fail safe mode.

Case Study No: 4

The systems manufactured to date are designed to accept preheated or cold water for final heating prior to the commencement of the wash and rinse cycles. The heating method is by direct injection however coil systems are an option the systems include features for chemical injection. Strainers for solid removal are included. Various combinations of flow pressure and temperature are available.

In this project to date we have manufactured and commissioned the following equipment:

  • Wash & Rinse System
  • Spinner sets with lifting gear and covers
  • Pre-heating System
  • Chemical Injection systems
  • Water Booster sets
  • Effluent discharge pump set for transfer to treatment systems: Built by Environmental Systems Pty Ltd

Operating Parameters

  • Continuous operation @ 70 L/min @ 17 bar with various cleaning solution at a temperature of 96 degrees celsius
  • Safety Features
The systems electrical work is for Class 1 Zone 1, Cut out switches are used for both pump and steam protection, High Level water input cut out switch, Fully integrated draining and overflow system, Explosion proof motors and controls

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